York Condo Photos  (big files so this page may take up to 3 minutes to load... be patient!) 

The photos with the black frames are the originals. 

Ocean House 1901

I enlarged the far left building from the above photo to see our condo (or at least what previously was located on our foundation in 1901). 
Marietta Ave is a foot path.  Check out the stone foundation

I combined two of the photos to get this view of Short Sands in 1901 (below). 

The photo below is part of the left photo above enlarged. 

I zoomed in to the people on the Nubble Road on the left side of the photo above. 
The sign on the building says "Concord Hotel"  and this area was know as Concordville, Maine. 
Check out the kids in their white hats and Sunday best.


I zoomed into our condo.  Check out the horse and buggy in front of the place!

Here is the Bluff Hotel and the Fairmont (which is no more) 

Beach Goers 1901

Pink binder part 1

Pink binder part 2

Pink binder part 3